How To Convert DOC to HTML

How To Convert DOC to HTML

Judul nya pake bahasa linggis,so lagi pengen nulis pake bahasa keparat ach……….walau inggris nya ala indonesia,tp ini kan blog saya,terserah anda mau baca atau tidak!!! *Egois Mode ON*

fisrt time you have to install kompozer, maybe kompozer is one of hundrid tools to design or make web,so that make be powerfull when you would like to make some html file :D

command to install kompozer =>> sudo apt-get install kompozer

after you write that command at the terminal or your console,now please press enter, if the command need password,please write your password and then press enter
Okeh…………….Now you just waiting for instalation finish,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,*Have a nice waiting* :D

i think your instalation already finish,so now you can open the application from  application===>internet===>kompozer. Or you can write in terminal kompozer than the application will be open just for you :D *Lebay*

now you can copy your word document or ODT document n paste inside of kompozer,that simple way when you lazy to write with default sintax HTML,

okeh now please save your document,n default format is HTML,

After you save,now please open the document again,but please open with text editor,i recomended open with gedit n you ‘ll see HTML sintax…………….

GOOD LUCK….have nice try…..

Saatul Ihsan

Simpel way to format doc to HTML (Bye)

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