Chrome OS release

“Though there was no formal Chrome OS release announcement made today by Google, the Mountain View, CA company did give media a sneak peek at the new Linux-based operating system while announcing that as of today, the entire Chrome OS project will be available for open source development. The new platform, which features software components from the Linux kernel, Ubuntu, and Moblin, will likely be made available for release by the end of 2010, but users of existing PCs may be disappointed to learn that Chrome OS will only support netbook-like devices with solid-state storage drives, so for now, Google is not bringing this product to the entire PC-platform market.”
This information i read from here coz i think si important n good information,
N applause for Chrome OS one think for goolge,”Google Never Die” always make new inovation,that way i like it google,especially for my browser n search engine,google chrome i think one of inovation for browser eventhoug some time i use Mozilla But my reason to use mozilla bicause it’s Open Source,same like google chrome 😀

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