Selamat Ulang Tahun…

Happy Birthday Firefox

Firefox November 9th 2009 is Firefox’s fifth birthday.
Just out of curiosity, I wondered how Firefox was doing in our browser stats compared to the posts I did in 2008 and 2007.

1. Firefox — 45.7%
2. Internet Explorer — 38.7%
3. Safari — 8.75%
4. Chrome — 5.2%

Very wonderfull n so big news,coz now open source is the king at browser competition,godbye for IIE,maybe the trouble,why IIE so down now,bicause IIE is one packet with microsoft,and some people are hate microsoft bicause they make source are closed.
One solution for IIE,maybe have to stand alone without MS,n make your source be open always,so every people can develope your product,so it’s ”ll be more powerfull than before 😀
it’s look like linux than MS,eventhough Microsoft user the most than Linux,but im sure for a view moment Microsoft will be down, n Free Open Source Software ”ll be grow up like a tree when got water everyday 😀

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